Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Sugar 500

Are your cravings controlling your life?

Sugar is heavily linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It is being called the cocaine of our generation for it’s highly addictive powers. Did you know there are over 30 different names for sugar on ingredient labels?  It’s hiding everywhere – in peanut butter, bread, yogurt.  Most of the foods we are being sold as “healthy” are loaded with added sugars.

Join me in this 90 minute workshop and BREAK UP WITH SUGAR.  Learn what sugar is doing to our health, how to spot hidden sugars and read labels and how to deal with cravings.

Thursday May 19th at 7:30pm

@ Indigo Spa and Wellness Center, 13790 Bridgewater Crossing Blvd, Windermere

Price: $25

Bring a Friend Discount: 2 for $40

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