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Hi, I’m Stephanie. Welcome and thank you for joining me. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my passion for healthy living with you.

I’m a mom of 2 very active and strong minded children. When I talk about veggie battles, trust me, it’s from experience. It’s my vision for a healthy future for my children, that has inspired this site and my health coaching practice. I’m fighting childhood obesity one mom at a time.

As an avid runner for over 20 years I know the importance and many benefits of leading an active lifestyle.  When my daughter was born in 2006 I shifted my career focus from administration to health and fitness.  I became certified as a personal trainer specializing in youth fitness and eventually developed and taught a variety of fitness programs for younger children.

I was convinced that we could exercise our way out of this health crisis.  I happily ignored the fact that I myself was struggling with intense cravings and binge eating.  My excessive running allowed me to maintain a healthy weight even though I was consuming an excessive amount of calories during my binges.  My 2 o’clock sugar cravings were severe and any chocolate that came into sight was in serious danger.  Some nights I would eat continuously and many nights I would go to bed feeling guilty and weak.  I projected the illusion of healthy, but my body was suffering.

Four years ago, inspired by the writings of Michael Pollan, I made the decision to embrace whole foods and cut processed foods out of my family’s diet. It is the single BEST decision that I have ever made.  It was a slow and mindful transition.  I had to learn how to read labels, where and how to shop and even how to cook (at least without the assistance of something in a box). I knew this was very important to the health of my family and I was determined to make it work.

Within the first few weeks I began to notice subtle positive changes and several months into our Whole New Life :), the health benefits were obvious.  I lost weight effortlessly (that was never the goal, but I lost it anyway), eliminated my cravings which triggered the binges and my daughter was able to stop taking Mirilax for the first time in two years.  Click here to read more about the full benefits that my family has experienced.

Eliminating processed foods and sugar from our diet was literally like lifting the veil. I have spent the last few years as an amateur researcher dissecting ingredient labels and learning why and how we have become so “addicted” to these foods.  I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY, the world’s largest nutrition school, to continue my education.  I’ve had the opportunity to study over 100 different dietary theories presented by world renowned experts in health and wellness.

In 2014 I founded awholenewlife.net to share information and empower others to take control of their diet and their life.  As you begin to make better food choices your health improves which directly affects your mood, your energy level and your quality of life.

We are a quick fix culture and true health is not a quick fix.  I believe that health is about more than just six pack abs.  True health is about longevity and living out those years in a strong and vibrant body.  Through my website and health coaching practice I hope to inspire, support and help YOU to achieve true health and live your life to the absolute fullest.

Happy Reading!

Stephanie Lang, CHHC

Health & Fitness Coach


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