For thousands of years the aloe vera plant has been used for healing and soothing the skin.  Aloe vera was so highly regarded by ancient Egyptians that it was referred to as “the plant of immortality”.  The gel in the leaf of the aloe vera plant has natural regenerative, soothing, cooling and moisturizing abilities. Today it is widely used in a variety of skin care products and treatments.

Aloe vera is a natural, one ingredient and cost effective remedy for many skin conditions. Studies have shown the gel from the aloe vera plant to be an effective treatment for psoriasis, dandruff, skin abrasions, burns and even radiation induced skin injuries. There are no known side effects associated with using aloe vera gel topically so it can be safely used on all ages including children.
The gel from the aloe vera plant is commonly used to treat sunburns.  It reduces the pain and swelling caused by sunburns and replenishes the moisture which aids in a quicker recover.  It can also be used to treat other minor burns and cuts.  Aloe may be used to lessen the visibility of stretchmarks which are minor cuts/tears in the skin caused by sudden stretching.  Aloe’s unique healing properties make it an effective treatment for acne.  It can prevent the onset of scarring and treat old scars caused by acne.  Aloe can also reduce the redness that is often associated with acne, though it is not a cure and will not treat the root of the problem.
One of my favorite uses for aloe is to treat bug bites.  My son is a mosquito magnet and after I made the “bad mom” mistake of applying vinegar to a new bite (his eyes popped wide open and a scream of terrror soon followed, apparently it burns like fire according to my 5 year old), he was hesitant to let me try the aloe.  However, now everytime he gets a bite the first thing he asks for is aloe.  It soothes and stops the itching allowing the bite to heal much quicker.  Aloe can also be used effectively to soothe and treat poison ivy. 
Aloe vera gel is a simple and money saving solution for all your moisturizing needs.  It keeps the skin hydrated and increases elasticity, reducing wrinkles and the signs of aging. Apply aloe directly under and around the eyes for a simple and effective “under-eye cream“. It can also be applied directly to your face morning and night in the place of your regular moisturizer.  It absorbs quickly and will leave your skin smooth and hydrated, it is great for oily complexions. Dry hands? Simply apply aloe as a replacement for your favorite lotion.  Aloe vera gel can also be used as an aftershave, it moisturizes the skin and treats small cuts often caused by shaving.
Wondering where to buy aloe? It is widely available in drug stores and even grocery stores.  Look for pure aloe vera gel instead of juice which is more for oral consumption than topical use.  You can also grow your own aloe plant right in your home.  The aloe plant will serve not only as decor but it actually improves the air quality by clearing away toxins in your home.
Aloe vera gel is a great addition to any medicine/bathroom cabinet.  It’s one of nature’s incredible gifts and a simple natural way to heal and care for your skin.  Forget about all the pricey skin care creams that promise you will look 24 forever, keep your skincare simple and chemical free.  For another one stop natural skincare solution take a look at the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Skin & Body.


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Have you tried using aloe vera on your skin? What are some ways that you have used this amazing plant?

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