Let me first say that the DIY recipes posted have either been successfully tested by me or will be otherwise noted.  I have had some doozies in my experimentations. I even almost ruined my $200 blender trying to make lotion because the blogger assured me it was the best way to blend the ingredents. That being said lets continue.

Shout was one of the hardest things for me to give up when I started going natural. It worked perfectly on spaghetti stains and even my occasional coffee stains. I have tried several replacements and finally found one that works for us.  This recipe also works on old stains so get out those clothes you gave up on and give this recipe a try.  Only three very simple ingredients needed:


What you will need:

1 part dish soap

2 parts hydrogen peroxide

1-2 tablespoons baking soda

container for mixing


First mix all three ingredients together. Take your toothbrush and scrub a generous amount of the mixture into the stain thoroughly. Let sit for one hour. Launder as usual.

For tougher stains and those items that have already been laundered repeat the cycle.  Add another generous amount of mixture, scrub with toothbrush and let sit another hour.  Launder as usual.

My Results: I had two shirts and one pair of pants that had old stains and I was ready to toss.  I decided to give them one more chance.  Good News! Both shirts were saved, no sign of the stains.  The pants however still had a stain though it was noticeably lighter.  I would like to note that I tried a similar method on these same three items unsuccessfully last month.  That recipe used dish soap and vinegar, didn’t work for us, just an FYI.

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What are some of your favorite DIY laundry tricks?

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