Do you wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them?  In our home many of our fruits and veggies come from sources other than the grocery store such as the farmer’s market and the  Matthew’s Hope chemical-free garden, located in Winter Garden.  That said, our produce sometimes comes straight out of the ground, bugs and all, so a thorough washing is a necessity.

Washing your produce thoroughly is the most effective way to remove surface dirt and bugs while also reducing your exposure to pesticide residue and bacteria.  It is important to note however,  washing will not eliminate all traces of pesticides or kill resistant bacteria such as E. Coli or Salmonella.  Still, minimizing exposure by washing ensures we are taking every step to guard our bodies against harmful pesticides and bacteria.

So what is the safest, most effective and inexpensive way to wash our fruits and veggies? Vinegar!  Yes, a one ingredient solution.  No need to buy the costly veggie wash sprays at the local supermarket, all you need is vinegar. Vinegar has been shown to kill 99% of bacteria and 80% of virus promoting germs.

To make your homemade veggie wash, simply fill an empty spray bottle half full with vinegar and then top it off with water.  To use, spray produce vigorously and allow to sit and “soak” in the vinegar solution in your sink or a bowl for 5-20 minutes.  Then follow by using your hands to vigorously scrub your produce under running water.  Easy Peasy!

This cost effective and simple solution to your everyday household needs can be found in my new eBook, A Whole New Clean, A Beginner’s Guide to Green Cleaning.  Also included are recipes for cleaning staples such as glass cleaner, laundry soap and all-purpose spray.

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